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Hmmm, whatever could this mean?

At least 26 barrels of chemical agents were stolen from a military airplane on September 5 by groups of violent “civics” and vandals apparently promoted by the Prefecture of Pando.

The departmental chief of police, Col. Ricardo Heredia, informed that the group assigned to this case is conducting investigations responsibly, and made these finds on Wednesday, October 1, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. On the Bajo Virtudes road, some six kilometers from the Brazilian border, on the property of Mauro Soria, brother-in-law of the ex-prefect, Leopoldo Fernández, they found nine drums of chemicals.

Heredia said that in this location there were no people, but it was evident that there had originally been 10 drums on the spot.

The police chief did not rule out that the chemicals were used against peasant demonstrators, as on September 11, when the marchers were ambushed, presumably by “civic” groups and assassins.

“We are close to finding the rest of the chemical agents, the investigations are well under way, and we believe that in the next few days we will have more news and will have recovered the remaining barrels of chemicals that had been stolen in the airport,” Heredia said.

Translation mine.

No word on what the chemicals were, or how they might have been used by the hired thugs. But frankly, I’m not surprised at any of this. Thuggery and thievery is how the Media Luna-tics operate all around. Thuggery is how they maintain their power; thievery is their reason for this power-grab move of declaring their bogus “autonomy” in the first place. Remember, they don’t even want little old ladies getting a teeny, tiny pension out of “their” gas revenues.

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