Quotable: Bartcop on voter stupidity

“Poor people, year after year, vote to make the rich richer and that’s crazy.

The way America votes, you’d think 2/3 of us are Fortune 500 CEOs.

Poor people could vote themselves out of poverty – but they choose not to.

and that’s why we don’t win every election – because American voters are so f-ing stupid.”

–Bart of Bartcop.com, really putting the finger on what’s wrong with Kansas (and anyplace else where people think voting for a rich wingnut will magically turn you into one.)

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2 Responses to Quotable: Bartcop on voter stupidity

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Hey, but don’t forget to mention that the US public are essentially brain-washed. Reguardless of social class, the people don’t even have an inkling of basic, recent or distant history.
    Consumerism, depoliticization, alienation, and willful ignorance–these are conditioned behaviors and attitudes.
    This is an enormously complicated alagum–but it is really very simple, it’s right infront of everyone’s face but there is a range of stock defense mechanisms and attitudes that are evoked to efface what is blatant.
    Really it is quite frightening, but I assume that it works to a lesser extent in any country where there is a ruling class. However, it is quite stark here in the US, no doubt.
    The sheeple don’t even get worked up when the politicos fail to raise the minimum wage as price increases eat away at wages. In the past there have always been credit cards and the possibility of working more hours to keep up. This is coming to an end.
    Bina, you wouldn’t believe what I have encountered canvassing for Obama. Red-necks that are more concerned that the rich are not ‘punished’–folks that have no solidarity with people in the working class. Amazing and sad.

  2. I’m not surprised. People can be conditioned to vote against their own interests; all you have to do is dangle a carrot in front of them, and they’ll run after it. The carrot, in this case, being the “American way of life”–fat-ass cars and junk food all around. The stick, of course, is being socked with the bill for it later, and that came today. That big bailout? That’s the stick. By the time the people realize what’s been shoved up their collective ass, it’ll be too late. They’ll be foreclosed on if they’re not already, and the bankers will be laughing all the way to the Bahamas.

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