Religious insanity strikes (a match) again

Sweet Jesus. Were all the fundie preachers in Loonyland being told to preach anti-witchcraft sermons this month? A little over a week ago, a woman tried to set a pagan store owner on fire. Now, it’s open season on teachers of English literature:

The suspect, Darin Najor, 20, faces a pretrial hearing Oct. 23 in Ferndale 43rd District Court on a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery. He was arrested and posted bond in the incident on Monday.

Najor threatened the teacher at the adult education school Sept. 11, police said. The liquid he poured on the teacher was nonflammable and the suspect carried it in a Gatorade bottle, police said.

The English teacher told police she had a discussion with Najor the day before the incident about “The Crucible,” an assigned play by the late Arthur Miller set in 1692 that deals with events that led to the Salem witch trials.

Najor asked the teacher if she believed in witchcraft, police said. The teacher told him she did not believe in witchcraft and explained that the events in the play were a metaphor for unjust persecution, police said.

“The suspect threw his homework papers on the floor and declared it was all blasphemy,” Denmark said. “The next day he came up behind her chanting what sounded like religious verses while she was working at her desk.”

He poured a liquid over her head and was holding a green barbecue lighter, she told police.

“He said he was trying to purify the witch,” Denmark said.

I guess some people just can’t handle an education.

And I hate to see what’s in store this Halloween.

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