Scary Thought #12: Would you hit it?


Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head honcho at the International Monetary Fund. So studly, no?

There are some things no honorable woman would do for love, let alone money. Which means that a certain Hungarian blonde is no honorable woman. But then again, she worked for the IMF…and according to this report at the HuffPost, such things are A-okay at an organization whose entire raison d’être, after all, is fuckery…

The head of the International Monetary Fund will keep his job despite having an affair with a married subordinate, the agency’s executive board concluded.

The IMF board issued a statement late Saturday saying that the actions of IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn were “regrettable and reflected a serious error of judgment.”

However, the 24-member board of directors decided that Strauss-Kahn’s relationship with the former IMF employee was consensual and did not involve any type of sexual harassment, favoritism or any abuse of authority.


The incident involving Strauss-Kahn occurred 15 months after Paul Wolfowitz resigned as president of the World Bank amid controversy over a pay package for his girlfriend, a bank employee. The World Bank is a sister lending institution to the IMF.

Ugh. Why is it always the guys you don’t want to picture in their saggy old boxers and gartered socks (in Wolfie‘s case, the socks are full of holes) doing the Ugly Bump with these ladies? Could it be that Henry Kissinger, himself no slouch in the repulsive department, was onto something? Or are women in the international hi-finance sector simply not squicked out by smelly old men who groom using saliva instead of gel?

At this rate, I’m thankful that I still have my gag reflex.

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