Tories = cowards

Debate, schmebate–how do you debate someone who refuses to be debated? You call him by his right name: COWARD!

While Prime Minister Stephen Harper was readying to take on opposition leaders in last night’s nationally televised debate, several of his Conservative candidates were making themselves scarce at local debates.

From the North to the Atlantic provinces and the Prairies, Tory candidates have been missing at a number of encounters.

The latest Conservative no-shows covered four Ottawa-area debates, sponsored by Canada’s largest public service union and a weekly newspaper, at least one debate in Saskatchewan and two others in Winnipeg and the Northwest Territories.

The scarcity of one Conservative at a riding debate prompted a Calgary CBC radio station to launch a contest to locate Rob Anders, the Conservative incumbent in Calgary West, to prove he was still alive.

A Liberal party list of Tory candidates who have refused to participate in debates had grown to 17 across Canada by yesterday, before the no-shows registered this week.

Why do I get the feeling they had to be summoned with a loud, derisive “BAWK, buk buk buk buk”?

This, people, is what happens when you get a smug, self-satisfied party that relies more on the cult of personality and stupid, standard soundbites than on a willingness to campaign, and debate, on the merits of an actual platform. Maybe it’s because when it comes to platforms, the Tories don’t seem to have one–but they do have a crappy-ass record. About all they CAN run on is image and soundbites, because if they had to do it any other way, they’d lose.

They want a parliamentary majority, but with the repeated contempt the Conservative candidates (most recently, and notably, Maxime “Biker Babe Boinker” Bernier) have shown for everything from the Parliament to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to the church/state separation, to journalists, to their own local ridings, they don’t deserve even a minority.

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2 Responses to Tories = cowards

  1. G. Pace says:

    Coward or cowards or acts of cowardice are words we sometimes use to describe times when 4 people gang-up on 1 person, or mob action.

  2. Are you implying that last night’s debate was bullying just because nobody was nice to Harpo? If so, you have a strange idea of what a political debate between five party leaders must look like.
    Also, given that Harpo only called this totally unnecessary snap election because he wants a parliamentary majority, I’d say that by your definition, he is the coward. After all, he’s trying to bully the Parliament into doing everything his way!

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