“Ah’m dead sexy”–no, you’re NOT!

Not that I would ever buy anything by Microsoft these days anyway–being the proud momma of a PowerBook G4 has the immense advantage of not only having a very elegant, powerful, long-lived and user-friendly ‘pute, but also–and this is much more important–virtually never crashing. Which is more than one can say for a butt-fugly WinDoze PC of any stripe.

But if you really have any lingering doubts about who makes an MP3 player you would NEVER want to buy, take a gander at this ad for the Microsoft Zune:

Not only do the colors look like something pulled out of somebody’s ass, they apparently ARE just that. And worse, the ass belongs to a Fat Bastard.

Now, all that remains is for him to squirt the words “EPIC FAIL”, and the cycle will be complete.

(PS to Santa: I can has iPod, pls?)

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2 Responses to “Ah’m dead sexy”–no, you’re NOT!

  1. Saskboy says:

    Fortunately it’s a “fake” ad in that MS didn’t order it up. I could understand it if it was made at the height of 2g1cup’s popularity, but this is art at is most graphic :-S

  2. I’m just grateful they didn’t show him “lock and load” his paint sprayer. Ghaaaah.
    BTW, wouldn’t it be hilarious if this vid were made on a Mac?

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