How to spend an ill-gotten million or two

Remember Raúl Baduel, the former defence minister of Venezuela, erstwhile noble constitutionalist and loyal Chavista? Remember how he suddenly morphed into Raúl Baduel, the $1.2 million traitor? Don’t you wonder what happened to him, and what he did with that gringo dinero that was paid out to him at such a strangely opportune time to disrupt a constitutional reform vote? Well, YVKE Mundial has a possible answer to where at least some of that dough went:

The 17th national military prosecutor, the Directorate of Military Intelligence and 65 members of the National Guard carried out a raid at a country estate, apparently property of Raúl Isaías Baduel.

The raid was carried out in the peasant settlement of Las Madrinas, Calabozo, in the co-operative “Doña Marcela y Don Braulio”, whose name used to be “Finca María de Dos Caminos”, presumably property of Raúl Baduel, who sold it in a doubtful manner to Haudi Josefina Varela Hernández. “The people who were there said the sale was for a ridiculous price”, said the prosecutor.


The neighbors said that the hacienda was frequented by Baduel, and that helicopters were frequently seen flying over it. They said there used to be more than 600 head of cattle, but that trucks came to take them away, and that there were now only about 200.

Translation mine.

Man, just when I thought he could hardly sink lower in my estimation–he done SUNK. How deep IS that quicksand, anyway?

And what’s this about helicopters? Kind of an odd thing to be flying around a supposedly innocent co-op cattle farm, no? Especially when you consider that the not-so-former owner used to be a top general, and has been accused of trying to stage a coup of his own.

But hey, the timing on this one is impeccable. Tomorrow’s the regional election in Venezuela. Guess who just so happens to be a candidate? Oh, how awkward for him.

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