It’s an Obamarama!!!


324 electoral votes and STILL counting. Can you say LANDSLIDE, baby?

BushCo Death Watch is now officially over. And so are eight years of unmitigated HELL.


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4 Responses to It’s an Obamarama!!!

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Love this cartoon.
    Now, would FOX News call this a ‘terrorist fist-bump”?
    The lame effers lost this one.
    Now, I have to get to work–to develop our ‘socialist’ small ecological company.

  2. Slave, they probably would. That channel is frankly racist. Lincoln, to them, IS still a terrorist for merely recognizing that blacks are human!
    BTW, here’s an example of their perfidy, for when you’ve more time to read:
    “I saw it happening on last night. As Obama was surging above 200 electoral votes on all of the other sites, which were doing updates every 5 or 10 minutes, Fox was showing McCain in the lead, and then finally not showing the electoral votes at all. They just did not want to admit that not only was Obama winning, he was whooping ass.”

  3. ucsbclassics53 says:

    The media is freaking outrageous. They were so busy kowtowing to Bush that they proclaimed his so-called win in 2004 a mandate. Now they’re warning Obama that we’re a center-right nation? Perhaps compared to Europe, we’re center-right, but hell, we support Progressive and liberal causes, but we’re afraid of being called liberal.
    ~ Kitty ~

  4. Maybe compared to Venezuela or Bolivia, who’ve gone left with a vengeance, you’re centre-right–but I think most US-Americans are really a lot more liberal than they’d classify themselves if a survey-taker were to call on them with loaded questions implying “liberals bad, conservatives good”. In fact, I’m sure that, given the envy I often hear directed at Canada, more of them are “socialist” than they realize!

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