Live like a bastard, die like a coward

On the one hand, this is definitely good riddance to bad rubbish. On the other, it’s also a case of justice delayed–and now, with the suicide of the criminal, DENIED. From Argentina via Aporrea:

My translation follows:

BUENOS AIRES, November 22. The Argentine repressor, Mario Ferreyra, killed himself with a gunshot to the head moments before prison officials arrived to take him into custody for crimes against humanity during the junta dictatorship of 1976-83.

Ferreyra, known as “El Malevo” (The Ruffian), was a commisar of the northern province of Tucumán, where he was accused of taking part in a clandestine torture centre.

The Tucumán police informed that this afternoon a group of officers arrived at the accused’s house to detain him, but he, upon seeing them, climbed onto the roof and shot himself. He died shortly after being taken to hospital.

In various previous interviews, Ferreyra had made clear that he would never hand himself over, nor permit anyone to take him to jail, and that he would do whatever it took to avoid it.

In 1993, Ferreyra was sentenced to life in prison for the shootings of three men, with whom he had gotten into a bogus “confrontation”. The investigators demonstrated that the ex-commissar had arrested the men illegally, abducted them, and killed them. Upon sentencing, Ferreyra staged a movie-like flight from justice, but later turned himself in and was soon set free thanks to a reduction of his sentence awarded by another repressor, Antonio Bussi, former governor of Tucumán.

You can see from the video that Ferreyra really fancied himself as a macho. Yet he died as a coward. What a coincidence, considering that he also lived as one.

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