Outrage, please. We need outrage NOW!


While all the whore media scream and shout about Venezuela and Russia’s joint naval exercises (and remain curiously mum about the role that Dubya’s revival of the Fourth Fleet plays in it all), this strange little item on Peru happened to cross my line of sight:

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev agreed Monday to send technicians to train Peru’s military to repair Russian-made helicopters.

Medvedev and Peru President Alan Garcia announced the program after a weekend summit of Pacific Rim leaders in Peru’s capital.

The technicians will work in military hangars in Lima and could lend their services to nearby countries that have Russian choppers, according to Peruvian Defense Minister Antero Flores-Araoz.

A large part of Peru’s helicopter fleet was purchased from Russia in the 1970s by Peru’s military government. Peru previously sent helicopters to Russia for maintenance.

The defense minister said the two sides still have to work out the cost, financing and launch date for the program.

It digresses a bit with a predictable mention (screech! SCREECH!!!) of Chavecito and the Russian navy, before segue-ing (or non-sequitur-ing) into this odd passage:

Flores-Araoz said Peru is not and has never considered hosting a U.S. military base on its territory. The U.S. lease on the Manta air base in Ecuador, its only base in South America, expires in 2009.

Now why would he say that? Strange. (Perhaps Colombia would also like to enlighten us, since its dinky little president was also at the APEC summit, cadging “free” trade treaties with Canada–uninvited.)

Yo, whore media? Could we have some outrage here, please? A little monkey-screeching and feces-flinging and tossing of the T-word and the D-word would be in order, yes? Especially since Alan García is a lot closer to actually being a tyrant and/or dictator on his best day than Chavecito is on his worst. Don’t you think?

(Muchas gracias to BoRev for the linky.)

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