Venezuelan elections: a referendum on WHAT, again?

Courtesy of Aporrea, I have some maps for anyone who’s interested on what went down in Venezuela yesterday. These are for state governorships. First, the “before”:


Now, the “after”:


You’ll notice not much change in state governorships between the two, other than that the map is slightly redder (more PSUV, or Chavista) than it was before. The opposition hold on the country is now down by two states.

If this election was a referendum on Chavecito, as the whore media have told us over and over and over again that it was supposed to be, guess what? HE WON.

Yes, media whores, sit back and let that sink in. Once more, you’ve been playing the fool and trying to sensationalize what was really a bit of a snoozer with a foregone conclusion. Once more, you’ve made grand predictions that proved hilariously wrong. Once more, the Big Red One has waltzed all over his opposition, and by extension, YOU. And this even though he wasn’t a candidate. Duh, this was for governors and mayors, not the presidency.

I’m sorry, media whores, what were you saying about this being the “fight of his political life”, again? I couldn’t hear you over the peals of my own laughter.

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