Where in the world are you reading me from?


Hidey-ho, international neighbors. Just been checking my ClustrMap, and found the following statistics, which I hadn’t noticed before, but which are sure interesting:

Current Country Totals

From 19 Oct 2008 to 23 Nov 2008

United States (US) 331

Canada (CA) 211

United Kingdom (GB) 52

Peru (PE) 46

Greece (GR) 38

Bolivia (BO) 37

Spain (ES) 36

India (IN) 29

Sweden (SE) 18

Australia (AU) 18

Germany (DE) 14

Switzerland (CH) 12

Chile (CL) 10

Mexico (MX) 6

France (FR) 6

Venezuela (VE) 5

Ireland (IE) 5

Brazil (BR) 4

Ecuador (EC) 3

Japan (JP) 3

Hong Kong (HK) 3

South Africa (ZA) 2

Senegal (SN) 2

Costa Rica (CR) 2

Netherlands (NL) 1

Iceland (IS) 1

Portugal (PT) 1

Bulgaria (BG) 1

United Arab Emirates (AE) 1

Philippines (PH) 1

Thailand (TH) 1

Panama (PA) 1

Colombia (CO) 1

Puerto Rico (PR) 1

New Zealand (NZ) 1

Lebanon (LB) 1

Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) 1

Israel (IL) 1

Korea, Republic of (KR) 1

Welcome, y’all. Don’t be strangers, drop a comment and let me know where you’re from if you come here often. And I’m curious, too, as to how you got here, so if you don’t mind sharing…you know where the comment slot is.

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5 Responses to Where in the world are you reading me from?

  1. watercat says:

    Came here a long time ago, I think it was from BoRev probably, and stayed because you are just good. Being from the US, I need a media source that tells me what really happens in the world.

  2. sassy says:

    Just found my way over to your blog via your comment at Monteal Simon’s place.
    Some very interesting posts, I’ll be back for more reading.

  3. sassy says:

    p.s. I’m from Canada.

  4. Red Tory says:

    You left an amusing comment on my site and then NOI vouchsafed you as being a “one stand-up elitist” which was enough to intrigue me into checking out your blog (added to my blogroll, btw).

  5. kaytee says:

    You caught me with the Charlie Rose interview with Neil Young, via a link from somewhere long forgotten. I’ve returned often and much appreciate the nourishment.
    plus we’re neighbors.

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