Who is Peter Schiff, and why is he pwning all these people?

He’s an economist who knows his onions, and he’s pwning them because they’re all fucking idiots. Duh.

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  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Jezz, this analysis of Mr. Schiff is what I sensed a few years back.
    I couldn’t understand how real estate prices doubled while average wages stagnated or remained moribund. When I mentioned this to people (yuppies), they looked at me as though I was being profane.
    The main problem with the US economy is that it is insanely leveraged, and has aquired the status of a place to dump cheap products. This is highly wasteful and, now, part of the psychic collective conciousness.
    The huge elephant in the room that is not being talked about (even now) is how to develop a ‘productive’, ecologically sustainable economy.
    However, this is not on the agenda of the owners of capital. They loved betting their capital on the speculative bubble–or shifting what manufacturing capacity that remains to countries where wage-slavery is the dominant mode of subsistence.
    Thanks, Bina. This is an excellent video. Mark the way the ‘experts’ sneer at this guy for stating the obvious. This collective, ‘insider’, insantity is a result of the fact that the markets in the US punish people like Mr. Schiff, and reward the folks that claimed that real estate would continue to rise.
    (This is petty, but the long-haired dude in this video is simply silly. He looks stupid as hell.)
    Unfortunately, I don’t know if Obama is capable of turning this ship around. His primary goal seems to be to placate the capitalists–ensuring the corporate plutocracy that he will continue along pretty much the same old unsustainble path.
    Maybe the entire system needs to collapse and the fat US people have to miss a few meals before a semblence of reality can sink in.
    On a side note, I have concluded from my experiences promoting my ecological landscaping business that the vast majority of the US public assiduously avoid any type of educative or critical reading. This applies to the ‘educated’ upper classes as well.
    Stupidity and laziness are like a vaporous cloud that have settled on the US population. Maybe five percent of the US population has the capacity to think critically and creatively. No, I don’t think that I am being unduely harsh in this assessement.
    It is probably not as bad in Canada, but I am sure that the general phenomena is quite pronounced there as well (as when I meet Canadians here that whine about your nation’s universal health care system–without understanding how the system is being purposefully undermined and underfunded).

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    Bina, the African American analyst, Charles Payne, here is his economic advice to Obama as of today:
    “Government intervention for Wall Street with European-style strings attached will extend the current fear and anxiety. (The Europeans would applaud the move, but I always worry when they get too excited because at the end the day they really want to see us knocked down a peg or two.) Your dilemma as I see it is to help Wall Street even if this angers Main Street. As for the latter group, there is only one thing you will be able to do to make them feel like their cries were only manipulated during your campaign. Stimulus, stimulus, and more stimulus is going to be the backbone of your game plan. I’m conflicted on this approach, but the die is cast. So, with that in mind it’s time to consider using the “T” word with respect to how much will go into saving the economy. I’m talking about a $1,000,000,000,000.00 bailout package.”
    These fuckers are lost, and the fundamentals are totally fucked.

  3. Utpal says:

    If the consequences weren’t so grim, this is funny! I mean, just read anything by CEPR over the last six years … they’ve been yelling about this forever.
    The fun one was with Leffer (that guy apparently has sometihng called the “Laffer Curve” named after him … he’s actually an economist of some kind)

  4. Yeah, that Laffer guy is a laff and a half. I’m all for calling him Leisure Suit Larry. He even sort of looks like him, and I’m pretty sure he’s a pimp.
    And yeah, Slave, how about that dude with the long hair? “Economist” and dizzy dilettante, what a combo.

  5. Utpal says:

    Ya know, looking at this, it strikes you how people babble forth without ANY idea what they are frikkin talking about, and there are certain facets of American culture that encourage this kind of behavior …

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