Yo Panama, BOLO…

major Venezuelan corrupto, INCOMING…

The PSUV mayoral candidate for San Francisco, Omar Prieto, alerted yesterday that next Sunday, November 23, the day of the regional electinos, the UNT mayoral candidate for Maracaibo, Manuel Rosales, will be leaving for either Panama or Colombia, right after exercising his right to vote.

Prieto added that “Rosales intends to operate from the exterior with the hope of returning to Venezuela, but only if his candidate, Pablo Pérez, wins the governor’s seat, which won’t happen.

“Our intelligence services have found that Rosales intends to vote around 9:00 in the morning, and will take a flight to Panama or Colombia. There are certain media outlets that mean to transmit some recordings to give the impression that he is still in Zulia, but that will be totally false,” Prieto said.

Translation mine.

You’ll notice, of course, that I only mentioned Panama in the header. Why not Colombia? Simple. That country has never handed over a single fugitive from Venezuela to face justice at home. Why would they? They have a right-wing chokehold on power, and those guys LOVE crooks. They’ve made Colombia a well known haven for all the scum de la scum of Venezuelan oppositiondom. Pedro Carmona, the two-day dictator of 2002, fled thither before washing up, equally predictably, in Miami, along with the big military traitors who collaborated in his failed coup.

Panama may not sound a whole lot better than Colombia, but at least they imprisoned Luis Posada Carriles, the terrorist I call the CubanaBomber, for a time–before one of their pitiyanqui toadies, Mireya Moscoso, let the old fucker go. However, Panama’s management has changed since then, and the son of Omar Torrijos is now in power. He’s on good terms with Chavecito. The odds are somewhat better that if Chavecito says “You’ve got Rosales, hand him over”, Martín Torrijos will comply.

At the very least, he should be on high alert now for an incoming stinkbomb. With 11 large estates purchased with stolen Zulia state lottery money (and that’s just for starters), I’m sure Mr. Rosebush gives off an unmistakable odor of…some sort. Shouldn’t be a bit of trouble to nab him as soon as his plane lands in Panama, eh?

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