An early holiday gift for the antifascist in all of us

Paul Weyrich has, at last, gone back to Satan his lord.

At his death, Weyrich was chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative think tank. His latest commentary, posted on the foundation’s Web site with Thursday’s date, was titled: “The next Conservatism, a Serious Agenda for the Future.”

In it he wrote: “It is the worst of times because conservatives appear lost and without a serious agenda or a means of explaining such an agenda to the public.” But he also “it is the best of times” because conservative thinkers are generating ideas and proposals for a ‘Next Conservatism,’ which will lead to substantive debate about the nation’s core principles and its future direction.

Weyrich, who lived in northern Virginia, was one of three founders of the Moral Majority, and later had a hand in creating the Christian Coalition.

Hallelujah, good riddance, and may all his works soon follow him.

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3 Responses to An early holiday gift for the antifascist in all of us

  1. Richard says:

    You should only say good things about the dead. Good. He’s dead.

  2. Utpal says:

    Hey you have a new reader in Sudan, right in the middle of Darfur! And another new one in Hawaii too. And your Canary Islands reader has gone avid!

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