Cops Behaving Badly: Why didn’t he just call the fire dept.?

Some cops are so bad you want to pelt them with stale doughnuts until they die. How bad is that? Well, try being this SOB, who tortured a cat that had the bad luck to get stuck up a tree in his yard:

Brutis the cat is back home with his owner after going through a bit of a pickle. He had been stuck in a neighbor’s tree for nine days, according to the owner.

And the cat’s owner says a police officer may have been partly to blame.

The cat got away from his owner, Michael, last Sunday at a home near 12th Street and Bell Road. When Michael finally tracked Brutis down, he was stuck in the branches, two stories in the air, on his neighbor’s property.

The neighbor is a Phoenix police officer.

Michael had tried to get the cat out with no luck. Animal Control told him they don’t handle cats due to limited resources.

On Christmas morning, the Humane Society tried to rescue Brutis but said its ladders were not tall enough to reach him.

They also suggested Michael leave food and water at the base of the tree, something Michael said he couldn’t do because his police officer neighbor would not let him back on the property.

“He said he wouldn’t let us go back there and try and rescue the cat,” Michael said.

Michael said the officer told him he was concerned that if someone got hurt while trying to get the cat on his property, he would be liable.

“He said no because of insurance,” explained Michael.

How much insurance does one need to put a dish of cat chow at the base of a tree? How many injuries can result from setting down a bowl of water? Jeezus.

But wait, it gets better…

Toni Smith and Terry Toman are with Citizens for North Phoenix Strays.

“There’s some friction here between these neighbors and I said I could care less about the people I just want to go up and get the cat,” said Smith.

Smith and Toman said they chose to go behind the home on a public sidewalk and lean a 25-foot ladder against his back wall.

In this way, they figured they were not on his property.

Just as they were about to get the cat, Smith said, “This guy comes barreling out of his house, flashed his gun and his badge, and started screaming and freaking out.”

Lemme guess: Insurance too?

Never mind a lawsuit, I think he should be charged with cruelty to animals. “Defending his property”, indeed. Would it have killed him to call the fire department and get them to rescue that cat, so the owner could go away happy–or just go away? Was he so intent on tormenting his neighbor (with whom there was “tension”, that lovely euphemism) that he felt a burning need to punish an innocent cat, too?

And aren’t there laws against police departments keeping psychopaths on the payroll?

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