Evo vindicated, again

Why is this man smiling?


From Aporrea, a little end-of-year gloat from a good-looking guy who’s got plenty to gloat about. Along with full literacy for Bolivia and the turfing of the worse-than-useless DEA from his land, Evo also managed to singlehandedly knock down the opposition’s house of cards…and this is the card he pulled that toppled it all:

President Evo Morales affirmed on Tuesday that he was not wrong when he declared the US ambassador, Philip Goldberg, to be persona non grata, because his departure from Bolivia unraveled a conspiracy against the government.

“After putting up with that interference by the right, by the empire, I was not wrong when I decided that Ambassador Goldberg had to go. When the ambassador went, down went the opposition. Clearly, someone was in charge of the conspiracy against democracy and against our national government,” Morales said.

On September 10, Morales declared Goldberg persona non grata, accusing him of having conspired against his government and aiding a failed coup d’état which took place in August and September with the taking of various public institutions, airports and the murder of several campesinos in the department of Pando.

Translation mine.

And what happened on September 11? Call it the Wrath of Goldberg. The timing could not be more interesting.

Some of us could smell this conspiracy brewing long before it bubbled over; others are still reluctant to call it by its right name.

Whatever. Evo’s still vindicated, as the continued crumbling of the opposition’s cake is proving rather nicely.

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