Festive Left Friday Blogging: Evo’s guardian spirit

Who else would it be but Tupac Katari?


BTW, on a related uppity-natives note, I couldn’t resist this shot either–taken from a social movement march in Tarija:


The oppo prefects may want to rethink their whole “autonomy” schtick, because according to ABI, these campesinos, unionists, etc. were all marching against the prefect of Tarija, demanding real autonomy–and for the resources of the state to find their way down to the provincial and municipal levels. Not exactly what those greedy oppo prefects had in mind!

And for those in the mood for a little Schadenfreude (in Spanish), you may enjoy this one. Oppo prefects are keeping low profiles outside the country, too. Mario Cossío got booed as a “racist” in Quito, Ecuador; two others, Rubén Costas and indigenous turncoat Savina Cuellar, didn’t dare show their faces. Cossío had to hide behind the local police. This all follows hot on the heels of the findings of the Unasur commission that the Pando massacre at Porvenir was indeed ordered by the prefect of that department, and oh yeah, did I mention that Branko Marinkovic, the biggest turd in the poopy punchbowl that is Santa Cruz, is looking at an arrest and trial for his part in violence there, too?

All in all, a bad showing for the oppos…but Evo? Tupac’s got his back, and so do the majority of Bolivians. Meanwhile, land reform proceeds apace. No worries. Evo’s got ’em whipped.

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