Haha. Miami Herald funny!

Get a load of the Miami Whore’s latest headline on the ‘Cito:

“Raúl Castro may not maintain ultra-close ties to Venezuela’s Chávez”

Gee, I’m so glad they used the word “may” in there. It’s a weasel word, sure, but it covers their butts in case of proof to the contrary, such as the following:

This is Raúl Castro’s first trip abroad as head honcho of Cuba. Guess who’s the first guy he visits? Yup…big bro’ Fidel’s best buddy, Chavecito. And they sure seem to be getting along great. Like a house afire, even.

But of course, the Miami Love-For-Sale isn’t gonna tell you about THAT, noooooo. Leave it to us humble bloguer@s to bring you the facts. And we do it for so cheap, too…we won’t go bankrupt in these bad economic times because we don’t have big budgets, expense accounts, prima donnas, or glittery headquarters to maintain. You’ll notice I don’t even carry blog ads. There’s a reason for that. Figure it out, fellas.

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2 Responses to Haha. Miami Herald funny!

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    US corporate media have become very much discredited, and it comes down to the degree that it is so utterly wrong so much of the time.
    This tendency, or institutional delusion, has been notable in the diplomacy as well.
    Bush has functioned to really expose the poverty of traditional US relations with the region.
    Obama has a lot of work to do, and it will be interesting to see if he can actually start healing rifts. The neoliberal shit has to go–as well as the bully-attitude and cowboy bravodo. That shit only works with geriatric rightwingers and outright bums.
    The Miami Herald is a lame newspaper. Their reporting on Haiti, especially, borders on the criminal. The management drives away intelligent journalists because of their craven ideology and in the way the paper helps hide corruption.

  2. Yep…and that’s why their current financial troubles come as no surprise to me. They invested all their money in fancy real estate and the bullcrap of Andres Oppenheimer, and expect the public not to realize that they’ve become little more than filler for between the ads? Sorry, but that’s not journalism.

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