Iggy’s palace coup

Via Montreal Simon, I just learned that the worst possible thing could have happened, and one that will drive a stake through all hopes of a coalition faster than anything else: Iggy the Warmonger has staged his palace coup.

Now, a few words about Iggy, so you’ll understand why this is not a good move.

Michael Ignatieff should have stayed at Hahvud; its ivory tower was a better fit for him and his out-of-step attitudes, and he did less damage there. The man couldn’t get his ass elected democratically at last year’s Liberal leadership convention. He was for the war on Iraq before he was against it (and it took the extreme unpopularity of that war, not the extreme stupidity of it, to make him change his mind.) His position on Afghanistan is still the same, whereas a clear majority of us want our army out of there, so even unpopularity isn’t a reliable indicator of which way he’ll swing. His “principled” stance is absurd and unbuyable. Plus, notwithstanding Iggy’s misplaced “idealism”, there’s the inconvenient fact that Afghanistan will never morph back into anything even vaguely resembling what it was before the US and its “Grand Chessboard” strategies eated it. Facts? What are those to Iggy’s so-called towering intellect (which is really just rank stupidity expressed in a nifty, shifty way) and his so-called idealism (which is just plain cock-eyed)?

The only thing about him one can definitively nail to the wall is his lust for power. He will say or do anything to get into power, which is not good for those of us who want a coalition leader who will think first of the good of the country, and not how to muscle his own egotistical ass into the PMO. If we wanted that, we’d be out there rah-rahing with the other brain-deads for Harpo, or maybe for that other autofellator, Jim Karygiannis. When you get past the whole “intellectual” thing, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Iggy and Harpo in terms of attitudes or strategy. And I’m not fooled by the color of the respective ties.

Oh, don’t worry–I’m still for a coalition. I’m just against having this neoliberal freak-scene in charge of it. Iggy’s naked power-grabbing can only take him so far before he, too, is subject to a non-confidence vote. (Thank heaven for parliamentary systems.) But if you see a lot of typos here from now on, have pity–I’ll be writing this blog with one hand clamped to my nose.

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4 Responses to Iggy’s palace coup

  1. MrvnMouse says:

    Iggy reminds me a lot of Kerry from the states. He’s heavily supported by a lot of insiders and higher-ups, but not the most charismatic individual, nor the least waffling.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens if he usurps the position through the party leadership and not support from the membership.

  2. Interesting, yes…in a Chinese-curse kind of way.
    So much for the idea that Canadian politics is a dull affair, anyhow.

  3. Monmick says:

    One of my favorite lines from Iggy was when he was trying to explain his flip-flop on the Iraq war. He said, and I’m paraphrasing here, that when he initially supported the invasion, he was wrong for the the right reasons while the people (such as former PM Chrétien) who opposed the war were right, but for the wrong reasons…
    Now THAT is arrogant!

  4. Not only arrogant, but also damned confusing.
    Can he even think his way out of a wet paper bag?

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