I’m just sayin’…

Day before yesterday, I made some off-the-cuff observations:

I once worked, briefly, in a retail mall that had one major thing in common with [the Sambil La Candelaria]–no windows. Only the corridors had a poor semblance of windows–skylights, badly constructed ones shaped like prisms or pyramids, their glass sides set at a steep angle that grabbed a lot of sunlight but didn’t soften it. The glass was not polarized or filtered in any way. This made for a nasty, stinging glare in the eyes–a glare you could only get relief from by ducking out of the middle of the hallway, and moving closer to the storefronts. I’m sure that was no coincidence!

Well, here’s a picture of the inside of a Sambil. Not the one under construction in La Candelaria, but its upscale cousin in a “better” part of Caracas. I found it on Aporrea in an article appropriately titled “San Vil” (“Saint Vile”):


Makes you go “hmmmm”, don’t it?

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