Peruvian campesinos march against water privatization

Heh. So much for neoliberalism:

Story from Aporrea, translated by Your Humble:

On Friday, campesinos from different regions of Peru converged on Lima, the nation’s capital, to protest the privatization of water approved by the government of Alan García following the passing of Decree 1081.

With this decree, the management of Peru’s water will be privatized. The union of irrigation users, consisting of thousands of Peruvian peasants, say they would control the use of water in an organized, conscientious manner.

They say that along with the irrational use of water that would be provoked by privatization of its management, this would increase the cost of agricultural production.

Oh, but of course more expensive goods aren’t a problem for capitalists. After all, they won’t starve to death for lack of money.

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