Reuters sucks up to Venezuelan corrupto, as expected


Oh boy. Looks like poor widdle insanely rich mush-mouth Manuel Rosales didn’t get to flee to Colombia or Panama, as was anticipated (and here translated) that he might. But that doesn’t stop him from buying blowjobs from the media whores…and Reuters, bless its crapitalist heart-o-pyrite, is more than happy to oblige

Venezuela indicted opposition leader Manuel Rosales on corruption charges on Thursday, possibly weakening adversaries of leftist President Hugo Chavez as he seeks to deepen his self-styled revolution.

The indictment, which had been expected, came after the government this year blocked several opposition politicians from running for office, sparking criticism that Chavez was using the state to silence his political enemies.

The indictment opens the possibility that Rosales, who says the charges are trumped up, could be unable to run for president in the 2012 election. Chavez is opening a campaign for a constitutional amendment allowing him to stay in office after his current term ends.

“Today we’ve come to confront this political lynching that they are trying to do, a terrorist trial, a political trial,” said Rosales, a former presidential candidate who last month was elected mayor of Maracaibo, Venezuela’s second-biggest city.

“The only thing missing is for them to investigate me for the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy,” Rosales told a news conference.

My, what a lot of bang he got for his buck. That media whore has a heart of pure gold! That’s more than half of the article right there, and it gives you to see exactly where Reuters’s not-so-objective sympathies lie. (Tip: Always look for what they begin and end a piece with, especially what they begin with, because they count on readers to only skim the unsensational bits lower down–namely, the part where Rosales is accused of buying 11 ranches with embezzled funds. Oh wait, they didn’t report THAT–just made the charges against him sound trivial and ridiculous. Thanks again, Reuters!)

It also shows you what they think (or at least, want YOU to think) of Chavecito, even though he cannot (and DOES not) order the judiciary body to indict anyone, let alone for ulterior political motives. It’s independent of him, a fact which the whore media can’t be bothered even to mention, never mind check. But I can, and it took me under a minute to find this for them. All I had to do was input the search terms “judiciary, independent” at Venezuelanalysis. (You’re welcome, guys.)

What’s funniest, though, is that JFK reference. Figures that Burusas couldn’t resist the urge to spew hyperbole, even though he’s no good with metaphor. Ask him about how one goes about “getting pears from an oven”, sometime. The actual Spanish saying he mangled is “You can’t ask for pears from an elm tree.” Meaning, you can’t get blood from a turnip. Or, in this case, a clear and unmutilated sentence out of Burusas. Or an unbiased article from Reuters, that capitalist presstitute par excellence.

PS: Speaking of media whores with the hots for Venezuelan crooks, guess what: The “International” Herald Tribune, based in New York, loves Eduardo Manuitt long time!

PPS: Bloomberg has also bent over and grabbed its ankles for Burusas, along with some COPEI dinosaur I’d never heard of. Oh Bloomie, you SLUT.

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