Surprise THIS, Dubya!

On a surprise visit to Iraq, Weak ‘n’ Stupid got a surprise of his own at a press conference:

An Iraqi journalist lobs not one, but both of his shoes at the puppeteer-in-chief. I’m only sorry he missed!

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6 Responses to Surprise THIS, Dubya!

  1. Greengeeta says:

    I am never going to get tired of watching that. Best Christmas gift ever.

  2. Eversaved says:

    I love that the responses of Americans on CNN were along the lines of,
    “Damn, it’s about time somebody threw a show at President Douchebag…wish I could have done it myself!”

  3. Eversaved says:

    I obviously meant *shoe,* not show.

  4. Sort of a reverse Ed Sullivan: “And now, a really big SHOE…”

  5. Simon says:

    The BEST video of the year. I too am sorry he missed. But I love the way the whole world is celebrating. I think that wherever the Chimp goes from now until the end of his hellish presidency people should wave shoes at him. Let that be his DEFINING image…
    P.S. I have a pair of old stinky sneakers that should one land anywhere him would probably be FATAL… 🙂

  6. Oh YES! Pelt him with those. And be sure to aim for his gut–the mistake the Iraqi guy made was to aim for his head. I’ve a sneaking suspicion he can’t jump as well as he can duck.

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