Chavecito kick-ass, Venezuelan oppos lame-ass

A little video that says a lot, eh…

Chavecito and his “Yes” campaign for the constitutional amendment abolishing term limits. Get a load of the reception he gets, and the size of the audience for his speech in the second video. Then feast your eyes on the opposition’s “No” campaign, and see the charming arguments THEY have to offer. They actually pray to Alberto Federico Ravell (the vendepatria media baron of Globovisión) to save them! And the best they can do is soak a flag in blood (or something that looks like it.) Which actually, subconsciously, reflects just the sort of people they are.

Meanwhile, Chavecito’s having fun mocking them: “Do you think it will rain? ‘No is no!’ Do you want coffee? ‘No is no!’” Whatever question you ask them, that’s all the answer you’ll get. Which says something equally pathetic about them…and makes me certain that Chavecito’s in for a major, MAJOR valentine next month.

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