Evo to US: Coercion doesn’t work anymore, suckaz!


I do believe this constitutes a flip-o-the-bird to someone at DEA headquarters in Washington, does it not?

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, assured that the first textile exports from his country to Venezuela will be set for before January 15.


“Yesterday I spoke with officials of the government of Venezuela, and at latest, before the 15th of this month, the first bundles of textiles will be leaving Bolivia,” said Morales in a statement made in Cochabamba.

The Bolivian leader referred to deals which Bolivian exporters made with Venezuelan businesses to the tune of 47 million dollars at a meeting held in November, organized by the executive of La Paz.

The Morales government intends to make the Venezuelan market an option for Bolivian exporters, since the United States has suspended import preferences for Bolivia under the ATPDEA.


Morales congratulated the initiative of Mercosur in absorbing, along with Venezuela, the Bolivian exports which the ATPDEA covered up till last December 15, as he announced at a recent Mercosur summit in Brazil.

“When there are problems with the US government, with co-operation or the market, other countries come to receive us,” said Morales.

Translation mine.

Yup, it IS a fuck-you to the DEA. Heh heh.

And also proof that despite its efforts to monopolize Latin America on other fronts, the Land of WallyWorld has less and less to say there every day now.

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2 Responses to Evo to US: Coercion doesn’t work anymore, suckaz!

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Yes, this is exactly the type of inter-regional cooperation that is necessary to extricate from under the empire’s boot.
    Agriculture is a huge, huge issue as well. Local, independent, and sustainable should be the model–not having the empire dump huge amounts of subsidized grains into the region.
    My hope is that the regional ties continue to strengthen, and that democratic resurgence drives the policy adgenda.
    Bush’s one-sided and greedy relationship to the region prompted these efforts for regional cooperation–and this is why I consider Bush one of the best US presidents in recent US history: he did so much damage and helped many people cast away the cloak of benificence.

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    Why no comments on Gaza?
    This shit is simply insane and criminal.
    Israel and the US are rouge states.
    I am sick of the racism, the double standards, the silence, and the inability to think critically on this issue.
    The ‘might makes right’ logic is the same whether it comes from a Jew, an Arab, or a Gentile.
    What is especially disturbing is the people that market their being the world’s most deserving victims totally rationalizing killing kids to ‘get the terrorists’.
    Sick bastards. If we could only bring them all in front of a truth and reconciliation tribunal.
    Despite Chavez’ flaws–he has the fortitude to call this shit for what it is.

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