Fatty, fatty, two by four…


…I wanna be a media whore!

Why is it that whenever a small-timer in the US desperately needs something to attract attention, he has to resort to cheap-shot shit like this?

Flipping through my WSJ this morning, as usual I was skimming the articles and mostly looking at the pictures.

And I couldn’t help but notice that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is turning into some kind of bloated caricature of himself. Whereas the American presidency seems to leave its occupants drawn, gaunt and gray, apparently leading Venezuela has quite the opposite effect.

The picture on the right is from Friday. Granted, Chavez has never (at least as president) really cut a svelte figure. But interestingly, as oil revenues dry up for his country (and his government), the president himself seems to be swelling. Perhaps he thinks that by stockpiling oil inside is own head, he can raise the price…Maybe the figurative swollen head has finally given way to a literal one.

Haw, haw, haw…you’re so witty, pal. (Or at least you think so, but you’re only half right.) Reading the WSJ for the pictures, and praising what has got to be the most moronic PBS doc ever, because it confirms your right-wing prejudices–and those of your (shrinking) target demographic? Nice to know that the public media in the US are still working so hard to accommodate the intellectually disadvantaged. But as for whether it makes ME want to listen to or support Minnesota Public Radio, I think I’ll let the LOLcats speak for me:


Free advice: If you wanna be a respected public broadcaster like Amy Goodman, be a real journalist like Amy Goodman.

And oh yeah, leave out the ignorant editorializing on competent foreign leaders’ weight, lest you look like a lightweight in more ways than one. (Major-ass gorditos, like the man Otto calls “Twobreakfasts”, are excepted because they got that way by being incompetent and/or super-corrupt.)

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