Festive Left Friday Blogging: And they said it wouldn’t last…

But here’s Evo, confounding the critics by completing a third year in power, still untoppled and unresigned, and going for yet another big victory in the constitutional referendum to boot. What’s his secret? I have a fair idea…


Surely it’s not the impure thoughts that pictures of him like this one inspire? Nahhhhhhh…couldn’t be!

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3 Responses to Festive Left Friday Blogging: And they said it wouldn’t last…

  1. I have to admit, my main concern when Morales was elected was that he couldn’t live up to the hype, and all the expectations of him. Obviously, Bolivia couldn’t solve all its problems overnight, and I expected that after a few months his supporters would start to become disillusioned and resentful that he wasn’t working miracles. I’m really pleased to have been proved wrong, and that he is still going strong and doing loads of good for Bolivia. Fingers crossed Obama can do the same!

  2. p.s. Oh yeah, and then there IS the cuteness factor….!

  3. So far, Hopey’s off to a good start…if he keeps dancing with them whut brung him, who knows what can happen?
    And speaking of dancing:
    Bolivia just recuperated the Chaco oilfields. Chalk up one more promise kept by Evo…yep, I really wonder what mojo this guy has got.

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