Hamas rocket damage: The latest pictures are now in!


Reuters photo. Taken on the road near Sderot. Gee, I bet that one left a crater.

And remember, kiddies, this is what the Israelis are bombing Palestinian welding shops for.

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4 Responses to Hamas rocket damage: The latest pictures are now in!

  1. Simon says:

    Good one Bina…isn’t it horrible…they’re going to have to repaint the white line.
    And don’t you hate those ghastly missile videos? So silent and detached. What I’m looking for is one of those videos, and one from the scene of the crime moments after the missile landed. So people can get a better idea of how murderous those weapons are…

  2. Yep…I’m told this one squashed a scorpion and terrorized an anthill. But so far it’s unconfirmed!

  3. Jim Hadstate says:

    Good point, ‘bina. I posted a link to this page in response to some moron who was whining about the poor Israelis being slaughtered and thus justified in their genocide. Well…that’s my characterization of what he said, but I thought this was a powerful statement about proportionality.
    If you look closely, the asphalt is hardly disturbed. We have potholes bigger than that by a long shot!

  4. Yep…and the roads in MY neck of the woods look a lot more like a war zone than does Sderot.
    Perspective is a helluva thing, eh?

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