Just nice little student demonstrators for democracy, eh?

Then riddle me this: Why are these opposition muchachos in Venezuela buying spiked drinks from a truck driven by a Primero Golpista leader who has previously sworn to depose Chavecito “even if it costs us blood, sweat and tears”?

Video in Spanish, but surely you don’t need a translation to know what a Molotov cocktail looks like.

What’s really shameless is the fact that they’re passing them to the not-so-nonviolent kiddies from a truck decorated with portraits of Simón Bolívar. Who, as history demonstrates, had his own “democratic” opposition to deal with. I’m sure, however, that the irony is totally lost on these anti-Bolivarians.

PS: For an additional layer of irony, see Otto.

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3 Responses to Just nice little student demonstrators for democracy, eh?

  1. Utpal says:

    You have a new reader in Chennai (aka Madras), Indian and a new reader in Lahore, Pakistan. That one from Lahore intrigues me 🙂

  2. I’ve known about the one from southern India for some time, but Pakistan, hmmm. Obviously not Musharraf. Lahore is the Pakistani Hollywood, is it not?

  3. Utpal says:

    Lahore is almost certainly one of the most populous Pakistani cities (second after Karachi, I think), it is also culturally one of the most important — the only reason it is not the capital, I would assume, is that it is close to the border with India.
    Pakistan doesn’t have much of a movie industry, so I can’t say (I would guess that would more likely be in Karachi, though I am not sure)

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