Short, sweet and to the point…


This goes out to anyone who’d call me, or any other peace activist critical of the actions of Israel, “disgraceful apologizers for Muslim aggression against Jews”.

I suppose I should put out the welcome mat for all you whiny little trolls, so here it is:


I’m gonna go right on criticizing until they stop giving the world shit to criticize. And if you don’t like it, you know where to shove your double standards.

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5 Responses to Short, sweet and to the point…

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    You go girl! I was banned from The Huffington Post because I dared criticize two of Arianna’s trolls. I couldn’t stomach their making fun of the infants, children and women slaughtered or maimed by the IDF. (I am not kidding about that, MAKING FUN!) I also don’t care if they label my criticism anti-Semitic because I know that my heart won’t permit such feelings. Criticism of Israel does NOT equal anti-Jewish.

  2. Thanks, Beijing and Jim.
    Somehow, Jim, I’m not surprised…given that the HuffPo is trying to position itself somewhere between major media and the blogosphere. Of course, when it comes down to the crunch, it’s going to err on the side of media. And thus, it’s going to fall prone to the major media’s faults–it’s going to throw garlands around the sacred cow’s neck, instead of pointing out all the piles of manure it left behind. The “big” blogs generally do.
    It’s amazing how much the big names on the “left” resemble those on the right when it comes to Israel. It is definitely kryptonite to most of them. All their good sense, logic and humanity go sailing out the window as soon as anyone squeaks, “You’re not behind Israel 1000%–that makes you a Nazi and a terrorist!” If they’re that easily squished by a few ridiculous words, don’t anyone look to them for appropriate deeds.

  3. Duder says:

    Right on!! Racists are no different no matter their “national” stripes. Keep it up Sabina.

  4. Slave Revolt says:

    Really, Bina, the savage nature of Nazi Germany has always been the norm in modern history. This cynical idea that ‘might makes right’ is deeply etched into our very psychic economy.
    It requires considerable effort to free oneself from this–and it will entail having to walk a more difficult path that most people in exploiter societies.
    I am not being merely glib when I say that the dominant ideology is ‘diseased’–that fact is evident in the increasing ecological destruction and the continued support of hyper-exploitation.
    It takes quite abit of effort to hide reality of the surface barbarity from oneself–and people do just that in varying degrees.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. is the most well known example of a human being that tried to advance authentic justice and social health–and he was likely gunned down by the same cynics that lionize him but avoid the obvious ethical lessons that we can take from the man’s life.
    My work with ecological restoration allows me to see the ethical retardation up front and personally. It is sad, but it doesn’t mean that I have to succumb to that level of cynicism.
    When confronted with the obvious ethical considerations that are entailed in actually healing the land, most affluent people become uncomforatble about facing up to their own part in increasing pollution (and believe me, I am not ‘in your face’, I try to be pretty subtle).
    People have been wounded, and they have been numbed into accepting unhealthy human relations, food, nasty, unartful modes of living.
    This affects gays, African Americans, etc.–the people one would think would be allies. Most people are frightened and willfully ignorant, ‘sheeple’ is a crass assignation, but it points to the truth of the matter.
    “What is justice?” and “What is real health and healing?”–these are basic questions that everyone should ask themselves every minute of the day.
    I strive not to be creepy. One only has ‘x’ amount of time on the earth. We live in diseased hierarchies that oppress and pollute. The best policy is not to be a hypocrite and a self-deluded liar.
    The truth of Gaza is clear for anyone with eyes to see–and the modes of hiding the truth are the same in every culture and with every person.
    Liberal/Progressive blogs and news sources that refuse to be honest about this situation says something about the people and the ultimate goals.
    Truth is dynamic and ecstatic, it unfolds. For most people in diseased societies ‘truth’ is too radical to honestly engage.

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