Spare a thought for the White House cat

Sad news, fellow cat lovers…India the White House cat is no more.

A longtime member of the Bush family died Sunday at home in the White House: a cat named India, after a favorite Texas Rangers baseball player.

The Scottish terriers Barney and Miss Beasley have been more visible first pets, with their own webcams and holiday-themed videos.

But the 18-year-old black American Shorthair had been with the Bushes since she was a kitten, giving her a decade of seniority over Barney.

Tempted to send sympathy cards to the Bushes? I dunno. Considering what that kitty had to put up with, I think she’s the one who deserved the sympathy. Now she’s gone where good (and long-suffering) kitties go, and I’m sure there’s one heckuva reward in store for her.

Rest in peace, India Bush.

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