The Little Injun That Could

Heeeere’s Evo…

…thanking the people of Bolivia for a rockum-sockum victory of 61.96% Yes on their new constitution, which goes into effect immediately.

Naturally, the English-language media have all gone gaga over this, interpreting it as either a loss of ground for Evo (whose popularity rating sits at 67%), or some ooky racial thing (as though there were no white Bolivians who agreed that it was time for a change from the old days of selling off the country to foreign capital.) BoRev has some hilarious deets (although he may want to change the numbers in the title of his piece).

Speaking of weird-ass racial things, El Duderino wonders who in Rancho Cucamonga is reading him, and whether they have trouble seeing through the eyeholes in their satin sheet.

I don’t know who “they” are, but I suspect their problem with Evo (and that of the whore media, too) looks something like this:


PS: Holy shit, talk about people with racism problems…get a load of what El Duderino has also found. Someone please inform that old has-been that (a) illiterates didn’t write the constitution, because illiterates can’t write (no duh!), and (b) the people that used to be illiterate in Bolivia aren’t illiterate anymore. No thanks, I might add, to the ex-politico who uttered that drivel. Now we know why he’s an ex, eh?

PPS: Aporrea now has the Yes count at 63%. As the elevator guy used to say, back in the days when they had elevator guys…”Going UP!”

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2 Responses to The Little Injun That Could

  1. Amazilia says:

    Y viste las editoriales del El Comercio y Peru21? son tan sesgados, ni siquiera disimulan

  2. No los he visto, pero eso no me sorprende. Los medios comerciales son todos sesgados hasta la locura. Me dan asco.

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