The Rebel Rooster of Gaza

Venezuelan TV host Walter Martínez has lately taken to running a live feed from Ramattan TV on his show, Dossier. Since it’s just before dawn in Gaza at the time of Dossier‘s live broadcast, you get to hear some interesting sounds from there:

…including the muezzin’s call to prayer from a local mosque, the buzz of various drone planes patrolling with night-vision cameras, and…cock-a-doodle-dooooooo!…a defiant rooster, yelling his own “fuck youuuuuuu!” to the Israeli army holding the city under siege.

In this video, he appears to have company–several human voices join the cock-a-doodle chorus. And a Chilean cartoonist in Venezuela has also picked up on the rooster’s rebellious symbolism:


Long may he crow.

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