What the lamestream English media won’t show on Gaza…

…Venezuelan TV will:

Walter Martínez and his excellent current events show Dossier bring you the whole story. Including some shocking violations of the Geneva Conventions, namely the use of white phosphorus on Gaza by the Israelis. Video in Spanish, but refreshingly propaganda- and bullshit-free.

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3 Responses to What the lamestream English media won’t show on Gaza…

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, Bina, I guess I took my Bible school too much to heart as a wee kid–because I simply can’t ever agree to agressive war, the type that is directed by the bigger and more savage toward a clearly weaker people.
    I look at photos and psychically wince. Then my ire and anger are directed toward any and everyone that stay silent, and especially the necrophilic cheerleaders.
    This, and the attack on Lebenon in 2006 show clearly who the facilitators and collaborators are in our cultures.
    Kos and lamestream quasi-liberal bloggers that try to play this down–without even one clear post to define where they stand–earn my enmity.
    Huffington Post, though they are more or less lamestream, has featured writers that condemn this–and they allow discussion. The majority of the visitors to these posts rightfully condemn this crap.
    You mentioned your Jewish friends and their strong opposition to this. People that lean strongly toward the social justice left that agree with this shit have lost any credibility at all. So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that your friends would be vociferous.
    What I hate about the US is that being vociferous can cost us our work–and our capacity to access health care, shelter, and food security.
    This issue is quite nuanced on many levels–but in the larger context the choice is pretty clear: hegemony or survival (to use Chomsky’s phrase).
    In the internet sphere where people trade in ideas, this issue separates the ethically retarded from the enlightened, and the cowards from the courageous.

  2. Jim Hadstate says:

    I can always count on you to find the really good stuff, if you can call this ‘good’. I have been reading all over the Internet of savagery and barbarism.
    The thing that is so galling is that the IDF must have a corps assigned to do nothing but monitor the internet and post either obscene comments or just screwing up the site. I don’t know if you heard, but the Palestine Chronicle was hacked and inane cartoon posted showing IDF ‘protectors’ and cowardly Hamas fighters hiding behind women and children.
    Gee, I wonder who would have done that? Makes you scratch your head and go, “Hmmmmm.”

  3. Indeed…
    I hadn’t heard of that, but somehow it doesn’t surprise me.
    Of course, the IDF probably has “better” things to do than troll and hack on the Internets. Like, oh, say, dropping Whisky Pete on Gaza, violating the Geneva conventions, and updating its YouTube propaganda channel…

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