Ah, the good old days…

…when Venezuela was “democratic”. Here’s a snippet of a speech by Rómulo Betancourt, the “father” of Venezuela’s Fourth Republic and its so-called democracy:

If he sounds like Hitler with a Spanish accent, that’s because he pretty much was. He’s talking about taking leftist political prisoners, quite openly. Betancourt’s Venezuela was a shitty place to be a union leader, much like Colombia today. And, like Uribe’s Colombia, if you disagreed with the president, you were The Enemy. The going policy? “Shoot first, ask questions later.”

Oh, and Betancourt was apparently bound and determined to stay in office for as long as he wanted to…not, like Chavecito, as long as the people wanted him…as long as HE wanted to. The people could suck a banana as far as he was concerned.

Just think, people…this is what the Venezuelan opposition would like to drag the country back to. Seven stars and all.

Some democracy, eh?

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