Bad pennies have a habit of coming back…

…in Spain:


Yes, that’s an actual fascist salute. This was taken at an anti-immigrant rally. Apparently Bolivian migrant workers in Spain are facing unprecedented amounts of racist abuse as the economy falters and the nativists blame the migrants. Nothing has changed in the last 70-80 years, it seems; the fascists will always blame “those people”, be they brown immigrants or Jews, for problems caused by capitalism.

And speaking of problems caused by capitalism, here’s another bad penny come back to clinker around the floor:


Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Luis Giusti. Hmmm, is that a “The Donald” comb-over I see? Whatever that thing on his head is, it’s the very least of what’s hinky about him. This is the man who damn near sold Venezuela’s oil out from under it during the “petro-apertura” of the 1990s, before Chavecito came and put the kibosh to that tosh. So, what’s so hinky? Read on:

Stanford employed trusted figures to sell his investment scheme in Venezuela including respected local bankers. For several years, Luis Giusti, a former head of state-oil company PDVSA and a high-profile Chavez opponent, was a member of the advisory board of Stanford Financial Group.

Figures that he was also one of those who sold those rich would-be tax-evaders on this silly Ponzi scheme. I hope they take it out on his hide in truly spectacular fashion.

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