Conquest of the East

A study in “soft” imperialism. A French documentary with subtitles in Spanish:

Presented on VTV by journalist Erika Ortega Sanoja, with commentary and discussion by US/Venezuelan author-attorney Eva Golinger, and French sociologist Romain Mingus.

This doc is particularly relevant for Venezuelans right now, because the so-called “student groups” agitating against the government are financed and trained by the same US-based groups who backed the “Color Revolutions” in Eastern Europe. These US imperialists think they can simply import the same strategies to Venezuela to get rid of a leader they don’t like, but there’s a problem: For one thing, Venezuelans aren’t stupid. Nor are they amnesiac. They’ve seen 40+ years of the glories of “democratic” capitalism and rejected it by democratically electing a man sworn to drive a stake through it. For another, Chavecito is neither weak in power, nor unpopular, as were the leaders the “Color Revolutions” (colorful coups d’état, really) overthrew. And above all, they have alternative and public media dedicated to exposing “soft” imperialism, and drawing the obvious lines between the “White Hands” movement and the “nonviolent” student groups ginned up by the colorful coups.

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  1. Utpal says:

    Here’s the Ramos Allup rap with video and everything … enjoy!

  2. On a more serious note,
    What was Ramos Allup doing, lunching with an electoral official–at a grill frequented by the Copeyanos, no less?

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