Guatemala, WTF???

Jeebus, what is it with all these LatAm leaders visiting Cuba lately? First it’s the president of Chile, now Guatemala? What are you all, commies or sumpin’?

Guatemala’s President Alvaro Colom is to start Monday his official visit to Cuba by paying tribute to National Hero Jose Marti.

The statesman will lay a wreath at the monument erected to Marti at the Havana’s Revolution Square, and attend later the opening of a park in the capital’s municipality of Playa.

The first stone of a sculptural project in memory of Cuban Jose Joaquin Palma and Guatemalan Rafael Alvarez, respective authors of the lyrics and music of the national anthem of that Central American country, will be placed there.

After the re-establishment of bilateral relations on January 27, 1998, both nations have developed friendship and cooperation links in sectors like health, education, sports and agriculture.

The first Cuban medical brigade traveled to Guatemala on November 5, 1998, right after the path of Hurricane Mitch, meanwhile the integral health program between those countries officially began on April 29, 1999.

Emphasis added.

My goodness me. That was actually very shortly after Chavecito got elected in Venezuela, was it not? And it was BEFORE he started importing Cuban doctors to look after all the po’ folks down there who didn’t have any clinics in their neighborhoods–the medical missions of Barrio Adentro didn’t get underway until 2004.

You know what THAT means, don’t you kiddies?

It means that the “Castro-communism” of Chavecito’s Venezuela…got to Guatemala first.

Yeah, all you oppos down there in Venezuela, you really convinced me that you’ve been invaded by the commies. Can you please explain Guatemala to me now, and why you’re not raising Cain over that?

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