I feel kind of sorry for these guys…

Venezuelan oppos are all pathetic, but the young ones especially so. How many Primeros Golpistas (in the yellow shirts) do you see? However many there are, they’re all getting their butts pwned by one socialist reporter from Avila TV:

They’ve invented a whole new nonword, too: “centrohumanism”. It means absolutely nothing, and it convinces no one (intelligent, at any rate), but it sure sounds pretty! And it has none of those dangerous connotations that “socialism” has. In fact, it has no connotations whatsoever, because it has no meaning whatsoever.

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3 Responses to I feel kind of sorry for these guys…

  1. Regina says:

    It’s really sad… You call yourself a pacifist, yet you support Chavez. You call yourself an intellectual, yet you can’t tell what socialism is from what Chavez is. Please don’t write or comment about things you haven’t lived. Let us, Venezuelans who love their country and their freedom, deal with what is ours. Take you insults somehwere else, go confess!! or something! Get a job!

  2. Whatsamatter, Regina…democracy weighing heavy on you this bright and early morn? Will of the people gettin’ ya down? Poor dear, have some chamomile tea. It’s reputed to be good for inflammation and stomach cramps.
    BTW, I have a little question for you, Regina dear:
    If you’re so all-fired Venezuelan, what the fuck are you doing spewing at me from Douala…CAMEROON?
    Do the world a favor, little girl…next time you get the urge to vomit, run to your bathroom and shut the door.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    And the young, middle class Venezuelan opposition will continue to flail about wildly–they simply have no empathy for their fellow Venezuelans, and they look to the US and Europe as the font of all that is good and worthy.
    In short, these people have a deluded, consumerist mindset, and they are totally alright with raping the environment and the super-exploitation of their fellow human beings, the things that are rife under corporate hegemony and US imperialism.
    In short, these people are imbued with a parasitic mindset that is truely vile.
    All these people have are gimmicks. They have no political agenda that is competative with democratic, humane socialism.
    They’re fucked–now they can flee to Florida and whine ad nauseum for decades about how Chavez is a ‘dictator’ and that their fellow Venezuelans are inferior and stupid.
    Regina, I have to ask: do you want some cheese with that whine? LOL Suffer vendepatria pigs!

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