People who need a good bitch-slap upside the head


Sorry, but it’s just got to be said…and this week, it’s just got to be said to:

1. Stewart Fucking Parnell. If you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why would you sell it–and let nine people die of salmonella from eating it? Thanks a lot for making me look askance at peanut butter, you slimy fucking motherfucker!

2. Lech Fucking Walesa, again. If you can’t tell the difference between a popular Venezuelan president who has been elected and re-elected by and for his people, and a communist dictator, you’re a washout. There’s a reason the opposition is so weak and fragmented–its leaders are all crooks with nary a viable, democratic or original idea to peg their campaigns on. They can’t even hold a decent primary to elect their own party heads! Yet you think they deserve support? It’s no wonder you’re not welcome in Venezuela. Go back to your potato vodka already, you sorry old walrus.

3. Steve Fucking Austria. For sleeping through history class and blaming the Great Depression on FDR–the man who actually pulled the US out of it. Also for calling him a “socialist”, which should come as some surprise to those whose capitalist asses he saved by using Keynesian economics. Hey Steve:


4. Jackson Fucking Diehl. For being too damn lazy or too fucking stupid to look behind any dumbshit (and long-debunked) fairy tale that confirms every bad thing he ever “knew” about Venezuela and its Jews. Crappy journalism skillz: Diehl haz them.

5. and 6. Mark Fucking Ciavarella and Michael Fucking Conahan. Sending kids to prison unnecessarily (and without legal representation) is reprehensible enough, but doing it for kickbacks from a private prison? I’m sorry, but the word simply doesn’t exist that’s ugly enough to accurately describe the maggoty souls of these two crooks who did just that. Of course, they’re Repugs. There’s not a privatization that they don’t love, and now we can see why. Fuck ’em both, preferably with a splintery broom handle up the ass.

7. While we’re at it, fuck their entire party:

The words of this song just keep getting truer and truer over time, do they not?

8. Ted Fucking Haggard. The man’s not “het ‘with issues'”, nor do is he bi. He’s a Cleopatra–Queen in Denial. He’s also a raving dope fiend. And one day, I fully expect to read news that he’s been found stone dead, with his cock still clutched in his cold, dead hand. A fate which generally doesn’t stalk those who are here, queer, out and proud.

9. Whoever would drop seriously dumbass shit like this in my comments:

Your a retard!

The guy should have shot the dumba$$ cat out of the tree,and the lame

cat loving freak of a neighbor.

Are you a weird cat lady Becker?

LOL your a sad sad fat cunt, god loves fat chicks like yourself.

Commenter name: ????????????

Commenter email address:

Commenter URL:

Commenter IP address:


Becker(media cunt!) if you love SA so much please move their. And love

the commie life style, you love so much.

Bye Cunt.

Commenter name: Red blooded AMERICAN!

Commenter email address:

Commenter URL:

Commenter IP address:

Two crappy comments on two old posts in one day–classy.

What do you suppose this one looks like? I have a fair idea:


Ahem. Not nice of me, but then again, was he?

As you can see, Mr. Two-Face (who posted via AT & T on is one and the same sad, sorry little excuse for a pimply-faced pre-adolescent git. Same IP pool, same linguistic shortcomings, same shit, same asshole. Congratulations, you’ve earned yourself a quick and painful ban, and your IP on display for the world to see (and some cybersleuth to trace a little more deeply than I have here, heh heh). Feel proud, mosquito-dick, because this is as much attention as you’ll ever get on here.

And that’s it for this week. Y’all come back here, except that last one, of course. Whom I doubt I’ll see again, as these cowards love their little shit-‘n’-runs.

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2 Responses to People who need a good bitch-slap upside the head

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Ya’know, ‘Bina, it never ceases to amaze me the kind of morons that pollute the blogosphere with their infantile self-stimulation and puerile fascination with bodily functions. If this guy (and it is a guy by the selection of adolescent references to various genitalia) had to come up with an original thought, he would strain something. Hey, he might have a hernia and then those undescended testes of his might actually fall down and begin to develop like other people.
    If this is the best that we can expect from the ‘tech-savvy’, then despair for humanity. In the meantime, you GO girl; the sane world loves you.

  2. Jim, if Li’l Wanker were tech-savvy, he’d have realized before posting that his shortcomings would be on display to the world, as would his IP number–and therefore, he’d have kept his spleen to himself. It’s not the tech-savvy ones that troll blogs, it’s the clueless n00bs.
    But you know what? I would LOVE to take his advice on just one front, and move to South America. If it gets me further away from losers like him, that alone would be worth it. Plus, their economies are less likely to suffer in the global recession, because they have leaders who’ve seen the conditions that produced Li’l Wanker and decided they could do better. I just hope they get more high-speed access in Venezuela and Bolivia before I finish packing.

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