Referendum results and what they don’t mean


To look at certain maps, you might think that the entire region around Lake Maracaibo (a major oil-producer) was about to separate out and fulfill a certain US ambassador’s hope of it becoming “The Independent and Eastern Republic of Zulia”, “independent” meaning compliant to US companies’ demands for cheap oil, and “eastern” meaning in western Venezuela. (No, I’m not making that up. William Brownfield really did say it.)

However, if you take a by-the-municipality look at the latest referendum results, a very different map emerges:


As you can see, that blue toilet seat around the lake is actually just a bunch of splinters. The majority of the state territory voted, along with the rest of the country, yes in the referendum, meaning “Yes, we like Chavecito; yes, we’d like to be able to re-elect him as often as he’ll run”. It’s never going to be an independent republic, in other words…much less an “eastern” one. So, Mr. Brownfield, go suck it.

That is, if they ever let you in again.

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2 Responses to Referendum results and what they don’t mean

  1. Anthony says:

    I think that Mr. Brownfield is trying to rip-off Uruguay, which is officially named the “Eastern Republic of Uruguay”. Or he’s hoping that the region breaks off and becomes a Colombian protectorate under Uribe. Got a point to make, though: Uruguay is located to the EAST, Shitfield; whereas Zulia is located to the west.
    “Eastern Republic of Zulia”? FAIL
    Yours Truly, Your Friendly Swedish-Uruguayan Neighborhood Writer-Man 🙂

  2. Yep, it’s an Epic Fail. LOL.
    I wonder if any of Dubya’s dipshitlomats are aware that Uruguay also elected a leftist coalition government. Or that Venezuelan border region dwellers don’t WANT to be part of Colombia, because then they get the civil war at home. As it is, they’re menaced by it, especially the campesinos who’re being killed by Colombian paramilitaries (hired by big landlords to displace them.)
    But of course, all that just slides right by those who think Colombia is some kind of model state.

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