So…about that “anti-semitic climate” in Venezuela…

To hear the lamestream media up here tell it, Venezuela is well down on the slippery slope to being the next Nazi Germany. If it’s not Chavecito’s cordial relations with Iran, it’s that synagogue mishegoss. Apparently all this is “evidence” of an “official policy of anti-Semitism”, to hear the Miami Herald tell it.

Well, Miami Morons, I hope you can read and comprehend English, because something about the synagogue thing just came out on Venezuelanalysis that makes you look like feces-flinging monkeys:

A confession by security guard Víctor Escalona revealed that a personal struggle over money was the motive of the crime. Edgar Cordero, a Caracas police officer and bodyguard of Rabbi Isaac Cohen had been denied a loan by the rabbi, so he planned to rob money from the synagogue’s coffers, and approached Escalona for assistance, according to investigators from the from Venezuela’s national Criminal, Penal, and Scientific Investigations Unit (CICPC).

El Aissami said anti-Semitism was not the motive, but rather a tactic used for two purposes, “First, to weaken the investigation, and second, to direct the blame toward the national government.”

El Aissami also detailed other evidence gathered during the investigation that implicated the security guard Escalona. “We observe that the fence was cut from the inside out and there is no evidence that would demonstrate that it was climbed or broken into from the outside,” said the minister, pointing to photos of the scene of the crime.

“Another thing we found was that the security guard [Escalona] declared he had been tied up and did not see anything, but we discovered that at one o’clock in the morning he sent a text message to the rabbi’s bodyguard [Cordero],” and had been separated from other security guards who were tied up, El-Aissami reported.

And here’s minister Tarek El-Aissami, on video, pointing out all that boring evidentiary stuff (for those who can comprehend Spanish, and/or need to see it in order to believe it):

So much for that “climate of anti-Semitism”, eh? Turns out, the climate is just plain old warm and tropical down there after all.

Looks like they’ll have to gin up some other excuse to stop the referendum, which is now five days away and pretty much a walk-in for Chavecito.

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