The best the Venezuelan opposition can do

…is pretty much summed up by this video:

They can’t answer even a basic question. So they stick to their painfully thin script: “No is No!” And other hysterical yelling.

Of course, if they chose to answer questions rationally, they’d have to reflect on why their so-called leaders have repeatedly plunged the country into misery in their (failed) efforts to get rid of a popular leader who’s doing the country a power of good. That would never do. Better just to scream like banshees. And assault bus drivers who refuse to participate in their illegal roadblocks while they’re at it.

Stay tuned for the worst they can do. Coming soon to a synagogue and/or papal nunciature near you…

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One Response to The best the Venezuelan opposition can do

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    This is funny stuff, ‘Bina. I particularly like the lady screaming to stop bothering her. I guess thinking was too much trouble for her so she had to stick to the imbecilic. I kinda felt sorry for the youngster trying to interview her/them/anybody. I also like that mayor of Caracas being caught flatly lying on camera about the misinformation he and the oppos have been putting out.

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