Venevisión’s subliminal media coup revealed

Yesterday, I noted with some approval how Venevisión, the putschist commercial station, appeared to have mended its ways with regard to Chavecito. Well, guess what, kiddies: there was apparently an ulterior motive to that hour-long interview. See if you can spot it in the background (helpfully highlighted here by Mario Silva on his VTV show, The Razorblade):

Silva notes that the word “NO” appears three times in the oddly placed “folds” of the painted flag backdrop, which also appears to have only seven stars in the blue central band (the new flag has eight; only oppositionists use the old seven-star one.) Once behind Chavecito (the “O” frames his head); once behind the male interviewer, and depending on the camera angle, once behind the female interviewer. The subliminal message is clear: Venevisión wants a regression to the old (seven-star flag) Venezuela, and to get that, they want their viewers to vote NO, NO, NO in the referendum of the 15th.

Unfortunately, how well THAT message will carry in the face of Chavecito’s cogent and very lucid remarks remains to be seen. Swami Binananda hereby peers into her crystal ball and predicts that the tactic will backfire, and the oppos will be the ones getting the NO, NO, NO vote instead.

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