Antifascist beatdown? You got it!


Yes, we have racism too up here…but we have a lot more anti-racists to beat back against it. Get a load of this:

Violence erupted Saturday afternoon as about 30 members of a white supremacist group and hundreds of anti-racism protesters clashed in downtown Calgary.

At least two people suffered head injuries after they were struck by hurled projectiles and police arrested three people.

The Anti-Racist Action group gathered outside city hall to commemorate the International Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination.

As they marched through the downtown, a bus carrying members of the Alberta-based neo-Nazi Aryan Guard arrived in the same area.

In all, about 500 people from the two groups clashed outside a transit station, which led to train and bus service briefly being shut down.


Members of the neo-Nazi group – many wearing sunglasses and scarves over their faces to hide their identities – waved white-power flags and signs bearing swastikas, and shouted expletives at the crowd.

As the clash heated up, water bottles, snow and placards rained down on the Aryans, who carried signs reading: “White pride, why not?”


Aryan Guard supporters Kelsey, 15, and Meghan, 18, who declined to give their last names, said they’re not racists.

“I like being white and I think they take it the wrong way,” said Kelsey, wearing a black scarf around her neck emblazoned with a white circle and cross in the middle.

Heh…yeah. They were so “proud” they couldn’t even show their faces or give their real names, much less acknowledge that they are fascists. And they were outnumbered by hundreds. Some white pride!

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