Berluscoglioni smokes crack


Coke bugs biting your crotch again, Silvio?

It’s kind of a habitual thing with Da Berluscoglioni, this whole drug-smoking and willy-waving thing. Get a load of his latest, er, declarations:

“Ours is a liberal, bourgeois and popular, moderate and inter-class revolution, which fills a vacuum in Italian history. The left has never changed anything; it’s the same communism as always, made up of millions of admirers of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. All it’s changed is its name, but it hasn’t had the courage to renounce communism and beg pardon of the Italians.”

Translation mine.

How many contradictions did you pick up in those five opening adjectives alone, gentle reader? And how much crack does one have to smoke to think a popular revolution can be merely liberal, and bourgeois at that? (Never mind that it can’t be inter-class AND bourgeois at the same time, either. The bourgeoisie is only one class, and a rather small one at that.)

As for the not-having-changed bit, well…looks like he was full of shit there, too. The Italian left has moved further left, which in simple terms means they kicked Stalin (a right-winger if ever there was one) to the curb. Among other things.

Why, oh why do I detect a bleat of panic in this utterance? Hmmmm, I wonder.

If the coke bugs are itching Silvio’s Berlus-coglioni, it may be about as much action as those poor wee orbs have seen lately. There’s a reason he drives such a fast and fancy car, and it’s very very sad indeed.

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3 Responses to Berluscoglioni smokes crack

  1. Nolan says:

    The same communists who got rid of Mussolini should beg pardon the Italians? How about the corrupt plutocrats and their fascist allies, the ones who have been truly bleeding Italy dry for the past few decades?

  2. You picked up on that too, eh?
    And even more entertaining, this was uttered at a celebration of the merger between Berluscoglioni’s own party, and a number of OTHER right-wing ones–including, as luck would have it, the rump of the actual Fascists. Under Alessandra Mussolini, the dictator’s granddaughter.

  3. Submerging class differences into “a national identity revolution” sounds really familiar. There was another bald-headed Italian politico who talked about that back in 1922, just before his march on Rome. Can’t remember his name, though I remember he was named for Benito Juarez.

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