Chavecito shut-up redux

I can tell Reuters just couldn’t keep this one to themselves…

It’s something few people can tell Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez: stop talking.

Chavez, whose speeches often stretch five hours or more, said on Sunday his doctor told him to stay quiet for three days to help a sore throat.

“I am a little affected by the intensive, continuous and permanent use of this cannon I’ve got here and the doctor has told me not to talk,” Chavez said to audience laughter.

Chavez immediately responded that silence was not the best medicine for him.

“I said ‘listen friend, do what you can but how am I going to follow this treatment?’ Three days without talking? I lasted one, not even one,” Chavez said at the start of a television show he presents every week.

Spain’s King Juan Carlos famously tried to silence Chavez, sparking a diplomatic incident when he told the Venezuelan leader to “shut up” during a summit in 2007.

Gee, Reuters, thanks for the reminder of that royal POS arrogantly telling an elected leader what to do. Just for that, here’s a little Dame Pa’ Matala for yer pains:

“I’m Not Shutting Up”, specially dedicated to His Unelected Majesty. And Reuters, who are hard-pressed to report anything of real substance where LatAm is concerned. Especially if it has to do with Venezuela.

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7 Responses to Chavecito shut-up redux

  1. ceti_alpha says:

    me like the music video. even more than its catchy tune, it reminds people about the ghost of Franco that still lingers over Spain. Here’s a real evil fascist (w/ an appropriate sylar watch) doing his evil deed at 1:50, but gets his brutal due at 3:00:

  2. That is one great movie. What a pity that fairy-tale royalty is just that…a fairy tale!

  3. ceti_alpha says:

    Yeah, it’s a way for children to escape the horrors of reality and real monsters. In the real world, people have to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.

  4. Bruce Cockburn…too effin’ true!

  5. Greengeeta says:

    HA HA! love it!

  6. chasqui says:

    You should educate yourself a bit…Juan Carlos IS an ELECTED KING
    Something about a constitution and something about a poular vote and getting that little piece of paper ratified back in the day….

  7. Is “chasqui” Spanish for “dipshit”? Because really, who else but a dipshit would say that a king, DECREED by a DICTATOR, was “elected”?
    Go educate yourself, dipshit. And don’t come back here to lecture me on matters of education until you do.

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