Don’t look for this in the Washington Post


Because they only publish sensationalistic accusations against Chavecito and his family…but never proof that the accusations are unfounded.

Happily, for that, you have me and my humble blog. I hereby translate:

The Permanent Commission of the National Assembly has not encountered any proof that members of President Hugo Chávez’s family are involved in illicit activities in their home state of Barinas, as denounced by National Assembly deputy Wilmer Azuaje.

“The commission handled this case in a very prudent manner, in order to avoid anything that might cause vicious tangles in an investigation with such important characteristics, given that these are the relatives of the president,” said deputy Julio Moreno.

Moreno added that the case is now closed.

And there you go. Case closed. So unsensational, so unincriminating, that you will never see it in the WaHoPo.

(You probably won’t see this in there either. Pity…)

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