Economics for Dummies: The “expert” opinion



“The IMF says the economy will fall to a level ‘below zero’!”

“Oh, what experts these guys are!”

“In economies?”

“No–in making them fall!”

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3 Responses to Economics for Dummies: The “expert” opinion

  1. bolivia says:

    looks like Chavez was plotting with Cubans for a way to overthrow Raul Castro…he even tried to recruit Evo, he said that he would get back to him, but ratted Chavez out to Fidel….poor Evo looks like no more venezuelan checks coming in.

  2. Nolan says:

    That’s from Pagina/12 right? Spot-on.

  3. Anyone who believes that “overthrowing Raúl” bullshit should (and in future, WILL) be banned from here for spreading Jorge Castañeda’s pulled-from-his-ass crapaganda.
    Take a hint, dude.

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